Ideas that
bring us together

We offer clarity
and strategic insights

We ask the
toughest questions

Ideas that
bring us together

We offer clarity
and strategic insights

We ask the
toughest questions

Our services

Data Analytics & Tools

Unlocking your data to address business challenges, the key to gaining a competitive advantage, faster and accurated decision-making. Creating technological solutions that streamline operations, automate processes, and control your business, leveraging dematerialization, robotic process automation, and other cutting-edge technologies.


Increased efficiency, cost savings, error reduction, scalability, compliance adherence, improved employee satisfaction, enhanced customer experience, valuable data insights, seamless system integration, and rapid implementation, ultimately optimizing business operations and competitiveness.

Commercial Management Solutions

Optimize strategies drive profitability by refining your operations and capitalizing on resources, investments, and market potentials.Dematerialization, commercial analitics and automation, treamline workflows, cut costs, and boost efficiency. environment.

Information Security , Cyber Security, GDPR & Risk

In today’s security landscape, businesses require readiness for potential security incidents to establish a resilient and secure digital environment, minimizing risk exposure, ensuring business continuity

Human Capital Solutions

All About Business, All About People
When work gets revamped, it’s more than the daily grind. It involves tapping into the strength of people analytics to grasp and elevate employee performance. Cultivate a wellness-focused embrace the dematerialization and automation of processes, streamlining workflows.

Intelligence In Business and Operations

Organizations seek solutions for improved information analysis, innovative operational approaches, and problem-solving assistance to enhance business outcomes and achieve greater operational efficiency, leveraging state-of-the-art methods and technology.

What we stand for

Develop and train customers, employees and partners on the path to excellence.
Be the reference partner for implementing initiatives that translate strategy into action.
Our commitment is to build with our customers the solutions that best respond to current needs.

Join us

Exciting work that makes a difference. Colleagues and mentors at the top of their fields.
Endless opportunities to take what you know, develop your skills, and grow with a group
that takes on the world’s toughest challenges.

That’s life at Pal_Consulting. Want to give it a shot?

What customers say about us

A common goal!

In our opinion, the key factor for the success of the projects we had together was the fact that there was no Pal_Consulting team and an internal CA Vida team, but a joint Project Team with a common goal.

Nelson Maurício
Crédito Agrícola Seguros de Vida Vice-President

A recommended partner

Pal_Consulting has an excellent team of competent human resources who respect the agreed plans and whose reporting results are of the highest quality. Pal_Consulting is a recommended partner.

Carlos Silva
InvestBraga Executive Director

Creative solutions

Working with Pal_Consulting is a guarantee of quality service, availability, full ability to respond to change with a professional and swift way to take on the challenges, finding creative solutions. More than a company is a partner.”

Cristina Jacinto
PO CH Board Member

Highly motivated team

I found at Pal_Consulting a young, (…) highly motivated and very supportive team. The combination of the team’s ability to respond with the know-how (…) of external consultants/ experts, sustain Pal_Consulting’s success and recognition. It is no doubt a partner to consult whenever starting a new project.

Eduardo Moraes Sarmento
Full Professor, Specialist and Consultant in Tourism

Skilled human resources

Pal_Consulting is a company with highly skilled human resources focused on helping clients improve their mission and meet their innovation and improvement goals.

Elsa Justino
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro Administrator

Quality and commitment

The success of the initiatives starts with partner selection. This team stands for quality and commitment to customer challenges.

Alexandre Carvalho
Caixa Leasing e Factoring Director

Best solutions to our challenges

Pal_Consulting has responded to all of our requests with outstanding professionalism. Customer service, flexibility and great efforts to find the best solutions to our challenges are notorious. It is this cooperation that has been the basis of a partnership for several years.

Teresa Barreira
Board Member of CA Seguros

Winning team

Winning team that proved to be cohesive, integrative, knowledgeable of various realities and focused on the multidimensional and complex challenges inherent to APDL universe

Cláudia Soutinho
Board Member of Directors of APDL